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Strategic Planning/Workplace Strategy

The Sidra team works closely with you and your related business units to understand current and future people/space needs.  Together, we develop workplace strategies that align with your business requirements and projections.

Transaction Management

Sidra specializes in thorough transaction management - no matter the size of the transaction. We guarantee professional representation, competitive negotiation strategies and value add reporting. We orchestrate the entire process from coordinating the tours to submitting and developing standardized RFP’s and LOI’s.  We see the process through all the way to lease execution...and beyond.

Project Management

We partner with the very best Construction and Project Management groups in the marketplace to ensure our clients maintain cost control, quality control and on-time project completion. Our partners have done work with Fortune 100 companies and have experience in primary, secondary and even tertiary markets.  Moreover, our partners share our Core Values and ethical business practices. No matter the scope, Sidra can assist in the design, budgeting, scheduling and management of your project from start to finish.


Whether you lease or own real estate, whether you're in a mode of expansion or dissolution, Sidra is poised to help you address your space requirements.  We are experts in the business of selling, acquiring, repositioning, leasing and subleasing properties...and we understand the the intricate details of each.

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Multi-Market Services

Management of multi-market portfolios is one of Sidra's specialties.   Our centralized service platform ensures consistency through a single-point-of-contact model. Our secure, web-based lease management and project tracking systems help clients maintain tight control over their portfolios and we can customize the depth of service based on your specific needs.​

Research & Analysis

Sidra can provide customized, best in class market research for any real estate project and property type.  We use a combination of in-house professionals, proprietary subscription databases and third party experts to give you relevant market data. Our Research and Analysis team combines market intel, demographics and sophisticated economic analyses to help you make informed decisions.

Real Estate & Property Portal

Sidra has invested a fair amount of time and money into developing the best systems for managing transactions, projects and portfolios alike.  We use a unique, robust, web-based system which is easy to use, entirely customizable, highly efficient and extremely affordable. We'd put ourselves up against just about anyone in this department, and we're excited to share it with our clients.

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Lease Administration

While you're busy focusing on your core business, Sidra can take care of lease related deadlines and paperwork. We understand the importance of both legal and monetary obligations for each property and we have rigorous and proven processes for maintaining a productive portfolio, akin to a "well oiled machine." Our team regularly reviews department procedures to ensure best practices with unmatched proficiency in lease abstracting, CAM/OPEX reconciliation, AP/AR and general audits.

Operating Expense Audits

Depending on the structure of your holdings, a thorough review of your Operating Expenses, CAM reconciliations and related pass-through's can be a very worthwhile exercise.  Often times, these expenses are simply paid without scrutiny and there can be erroneous charges buried within the sometimes obscure billing statements.  With solid roots in Asset and Property Management, Sidra is well equipped to strip down these expenses and ensure their accuracy. 

Economic & Tax incentives

Sidra understand the significance of your bottom line and we negotiate aggressively on your behalf to positively impact same. Our brokerage experts will deal with city, regional and state governmental agencies to secure tax abatements, job credit rebates and other incentives that may be available for you.  Further, we can/will conduct deep dive demographic studies to determine where these incentives can be best leveraged.

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