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Sidra Cup

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2021 FINAL Season Standings
2021 AGA Final Standings.001.png

League Standings

Standings are based on cumulative money won by each player throughout the season

After each event, the money list will be updated

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The Sidra Cup is comprised of 2 types of events:

Regular Events-  Played Friday afternoons at Tustin Ranch.  Tee times somewhere around 12:00pm.  Must confirm if you are in or out by noon on Wednesday


$20 buy-in

Majors-  We have 3 Majors scheduled:

     The AGA-  May 21th - 23rd at J.W. Marriott Palm Desert, CA.

     The Masters-  July 10th & 11th at Tijeras Creek

     The Tour Championship-  Sept. 25-26 Oak Creek GC

$100 buy-in per Major in which $25 per Major goes toward the league championship purse.


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The Sidra Cup is a Net scoring structure league.  Each player will get an additional three (3) strokes applied to their OFFICIAL adjusted handicap each round.

In each group, one player will keep score in the Golf Gamebook app, and an additional player will keep score on an official scorecard.

Live Leaderboard 

Every player needs a
Golf Gamebook App account.  ​





Max Score- 


Equitable Stroke Control to apply (rev.  GHIN 2020). Net Double Bogey on any hole (par + 2 strokes + handicap strokes).


Out of Bounds

All out-of-bounds (white stakes) will be addressed with the new USGA rule.  Player can drop in the fairway parallel to where the player's ball went OB.  Player takes a 2-shot penalty and is hitting shot 4.  Player can opt to hit 3 from the tee-box if desired.

Gimme Putts:

Gimme Putts are measured by putting your putter head in the cup and measuring out to your ball.  If the ball is inside the bottom of your grip, it is good.  If it is touching your grip, it is good.  Last 3 holes have to be finished to the bottom of the hole (no gimmes).

Purse Breakdown

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Past Seasons

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2020 Final Season Standings

2019 Final Season Standings

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