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 A division of PacificWest Asset Management, which was founded in 1991, Sidra helps tenants, developers and owners alike.   In short, if you are a user or owner of space - no matter the size or geographic location of your operation - Sidra can help you.   Our service platform is grounded on expertise in all property types, a deep understanding of the real estate market, and unparalleled ethical standards.


space utilization

Impacting our client's overall success by improving the productivity of their people through modern, cost-effective work-places.

We develop workplace strategies that support the changing nature of work, helping your business adapt to rapidly evolving market conditions and commercial priorities. Economic uncertainty, cost pressures, growth agendas, talent shortages and increasing competition are just some of the reasons you need inherent occupancy flexibility. A workplace strategy that accommodates tighter budgets, a shifting workforce and other occupancy challenges will better enable you to meet short- and long-term business objectives.


$843,000 total cost savings



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